A Smattering of Distant Applause

I don't feel like dancin'. Except, of course, I do.


Listen to me!

Everyone with ears has been heralding Jamelia's Beware Of The Dog as the pop song of the year, and I am pleased to report that they are indeed correct. Experience the aural pleasure yourself:

Beware of the Dog

I'm not usually a fan of Jamelia - I thought Superstar was pretty good, but my hatred of Thank You knew no bounds - but this is quite simply amazing.

The comparisons to S.O.S. by Rihanna are inevitable and somewhat valid, but there's one crucial difference between the two songs: Beware of the Dog is actually brilliant. What's more, Jamelia is one of those popstars that manages to be considered reasonably credible so, whilst Rachel Stevens or Alesha might just manage to make this song limp into the charts at number eleven, Jamelia could make it the monster hit it so very much deserves to be.