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Film review: Snakes On A Plane

The film that everyone on the internet has been waiting for, Snakes On A Plane, hit cinemas last night, but does it live up to the hype? In a word: yes. There's sufficient plot to explain why the snakes are on the plane, but not too much to distract from the reptilian high jinks, which of course is what everyone wants to see. The whole thing is utterly ludicrous, but the hilarity is obviously intended so you laugh with the film rather than at it.

I had thought it might be difficult for them to fill ninety minutes without it getting boring due to the lack of substance, but to stop it from getting dull they were very creative with all the deaths, both of the people and the snakes. The snakes had a perfectly deadly aim, making sure they bit people in the most painful places possible, and the people had to be similarly creative in disposing of the snakes; one of my favourite moments was when Gay Air Steward Dude put one in a microwave.

Samuel L. Jackson is his perfect badass self, and the other characters, such as Blonde Socialite With a Small Dog, Token Rapper and Grumpy English Man, are similarly entertaining even though none of the characters are particularly fleshed out. But who needs 3D characters when you've got snakes on a plane?

As summer entertainment goes, Snakes On A Plane is ace and definitely beats Pirates 2 and Superman Returns for my favourite film this summer as it was so hugely entertaining all the way through. Definitely a must-see! 9/10.


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