A Smattering of Distant Applause

I don't feel like dancin'. Except, of course, I do.


O Decemberists!

Now that Patrick Wolf has put his next album back to January, I can say with quite a lot of confidence that my favourite albm of 2006 is going to be The Crane Wife by favourite band, The Decemberists. The tracklist looks like this:

1. The Crane Wife 3
2. The Island
-Come and See
-The Landlord's Daughter
-You'll Not Feel the Drowning
3. Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)
4. O Valencia!
5. The Perfect Crime #2
6. When the War Came
7. Shankill Butchers
8. Summersong
9. The Crane Wife 1 & 2
10. Sons and Daughters

Three of those songs I've already heard; they played 'Summersong', an upbeat number that I can't remember very well, at the Oxford Zodiac in May, and there have been live mp3s of Colin Meloy playing O Valencia! and Shankill Butchers floating around for a while now. O Valencia!, a Romeo and Juliet-esque tale in which the girl is accidentally shot by her brother, is my favourite of the two tracks, but Shankhill Butchers is growing on me a lot. It's a creepy song about a group of people in Ireland who used to go around capturing Catholics at night and killing them; apparently the story is still told to Catholic children before bedtime. I have many favourite things about The Decemberists, but right up there at the top of the list is the creative stories they tell in their songs. Have a listen to the live mp3s for yourself:

O Valencia!
Shankhill Butchers

I expect the recorded versions will be quite different, but you get the general idea, and the general idea seems very promising indeed. Roll on October 3rd...


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