A Smattering of Distant Applause

I don't feel like dancin'. Except, of course, I do.


I went to see the wizard. He gave me season three!

Veronica: Why are you here?

Lilly: Don't you watch any horror movies? My soul is doomed to walk the earth until justice has been served.

Veronica: Really?

Lilly: Yeah, that and, as kind of a side project, I dispense fashion advice.

Veronica Mars is the best show on TV. If you don't agree with that, you obviously didn't read the above quote.

The agonisingly long gap between the end of season two and the start of season three - 68 days until it returns on new network The CW on 3rd October - has had me reading far more spoilers than I really ought, but I'm not going to share them with you as it's easy enough to find them if you so wish.

I don't yet know enough about any mysteries to pass comment, and I'm going to try to avoid knowing too much, but I've found out some casting spoilers that have got me all excited. The best news so far is that the lovely Tina Majorino will be a regular character rather than just a recurring one, meaning we'll be seeing Mac in more episodes than the past couple of seasons and hopefully she'll play more of a part in the actual storylines rather than merely being, in her own words, the Q to Veronica's Bond.

There's also news on a couple of actors that will be joining the show.

Chris Lowell will be playing the strangely-named Piz (named after Mark Piznarski, who directed the first two episodes of season one) who is Wallace's roommate at Hearst and who has been rumoured to be a new love interest for Veronica. Predictably, all the Logan/Veronica shippers are up in arms about that last part, but we'll just have to wait and see what really happens. I doubt the shippers have that much to worry about, because although Logan/Veronica is never going to be an easy ride, it seems inevitable that whenever the show ends - and I hope that's not for a good long time - they'll be riding off into the sunset together, or some suitably noir-ish alternative to that.

The other new character is Parker, played by Julie Gonzalo, who will be Mac's roommate at Hearst. I've not seen her in anything before, meaning I can't comment on her acting ability, but let me just state the obvious: yum.

Most people who have watched the first two seasons of Veronica Mars will agree that the second season, while still better than most things on TV, didn't quite live up to the brilliance of season one, so it's going to be really interesting to see how season differs and whether they'll manage to improve it. From what I've read, the writers seem to be acknowledging what went wrong with season two and have been taking steps to change the format slightly to try to improve, and I look forward to seeing where they take it next year.


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